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Do I really need to floss?

One of the most commonly asked questions of dentists to their patients is ‘have you been flossing?’ -most of us want to respond yes, not wanting to give away how often we are not flossing! However your dentist will already know the answer, even after just a quick examination of your mouth.

The short answer as to whether you need to floss is YES. Flossing is an assistant to brushing when you are teeth cleaning; it in no way replaces brushing and may not necessarily prevent decay however as British dentist Dr N Carter says “If you don’t clean between the teeth, you’re cleaning only 60 per cent of the tooth’s surface.”

Flossing is not just about preventing your teeth from decaying, it’s part of the teeth cleaning process that prevents needing gum disease treatment or gingivitis treatment, prevents the causes of bad breath and also prevents further and more deep teeth cleaning from your dentist.

Flossing your teeth is about protecting your gums; as dentist Dr G Barnby states“…although the benefits of flossing may be limited with tooth decay, flossing does have a role in the prevention of gum disease.” When you fail to protect your gums, your teeth can become loose and even lead to heart disease.

Flossing is only effective when it is done properly; so ask your Sydney dentist today how to correctly floss your teeth as to ensure a healthy teeth cleaning regime and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

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