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Is sugar as bad for your teeth as we think?

YES! Sugar is bad for our teeth however it is not really the amount of sugar that affects teeth, but the amount of time that it sits in our mouth and on our teeth; as well as how often you eat sugar. It doesn’t matter what kind of sugar it is, whether it is white, brown, refined or natural, whether in cakes, biscuits, chocolates, lollies or soft drinks– all sugar will create acid build up in your mouth. Sugar can even be one of the causes of bad breath- a result of built up bacteria.

Which is why when eating small amounts of sugar more regularly is more detrimental than eating one batch of sugar. To prevent sugar eating away at our enamel it is best to try some of the following preventions:

  • Eat sugary food along with other meals, rather than as a snack. Your mouth produces more saliva when eating meals which is what helps balance the acids in your mouth.
  • Teeth cleaning after eating – brushing, rinsing and flossing
  • Chew a gum that contains xylitol – this helps prevent decay
  • Drink more water- this helps move bacteria, but also increases saliva levels. Water also helps us rehydrate and so is better than all other health drinks.

If we avoid looking after our teeth when eating sugar, we can put ourselves at the risk of needing drastic dental care, particularly in the cosmetic dentistry department. Dental care may include:

  • Deep teeth cleaning
  • Gum surgery and/or bone grafting (due to gum disease and bone resorption)
  • Dentures (due to teeth decaying and falling out)
  • Porcelain veneers (due to stained teeth)
  • Root canal treatment

If you are unsure what types of foods contain sugars or what may be the best teeth cleaning method for you – contact us at Dentalini on 02 8920 3000.