We provide patients with white composite fillings to restore the smile.

Advancements in modern dental materials and techniques mean we can repair cavities safely and effectively. No longer do we need to provide outdated amalgam fillings that darken the smile and pose as a health risk. We can provide you with several choices when it comes to selecting materials to repair your missing, worn, damaged or decayed teeth.

Tooth coloured fillings can be matched to your exact tooth colour and are proven to be durable and long-lasting. Strong ceramic materials or composite resins are used to fill cavities in the smile, and go unnoticeable as fillings. Not only are they durable, they are aesthetically pleasing for your entire smile.

Tooth-coloured fillings are normally carried out under local anaesthetic. The affected area is cleared of decay or loose filling and the tooth is washed and dried. The white filling is inserted and smoothed off before a bright light is applied to set it. The filling is then trimmed off and polished.

Benefits of tooth coloured fillings include:

  • Matched to the tooth’s natural shade

  • Only requires one visit to the dentist

  • Less of the natural tooth needs to be removed

  • Easily fixed to the tooth’s surface and hardened with a special light

  • Applied in thin layers that leave the filling strong

Why should I consider tooth-coloured fillings?

Most people have fillings. Traditional amalgam fillings can sometimes be quite visible when you laugh or smile. Fillings are essential, but now they can also be virtually invisible with white or tooth-coloured fillings.

The fillings are mainly made of glass particles, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient. The life expectancy of a white filling can depend greatly on where it is in your mouth and how heavily your teeth come together when you bite.  With advances in materials, they can be placed on any tooth. Alternatively, even more stronger material may be suggested, such as  inlays, onlays and crowns, if the tooth requires higher support.

Should I replace my silver amalgam fillings with white ones?

It is usually best to change fillings only when an old filling needs replacing. If so, you can ask to have it replaced in a tooth-coloured material. Very rarely a patient is eligible for amalgam fillings, and in such a case the dentist will inform the patient prior to continuing.